I only have a couple bottles of Coche-Dury in my cellar, both 2004 Bourgogne blancs that I purchased in France and dragged across the Atlantic. Unfortunately, one of the bottles appeared to be leaking. The top of the capsule was raised, as if wine had pushed through the cork. Even though I had planned on aging the wine for several more years, I decided it was best to crack it open ASAP. The residue of dried wine was evident under the capsule and the cork had a streak running its entire length. Luckily, the wine was in perfect condition. Typical of young wines from Coche-Dury, the nose was dominated toasted oak aromas. The oak was also evident on the palate, but it took a backseat to the mineral and fruit flavors. Despite the fact that this bottle was just a basic Bourgogne, it had an extremely long and intense finish. I thoroughly enjoyed this wine and hope to encounter more Coche-Dury wines in the future. Too bad they are so expensive.



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