I first tasted the 2002 Les Champans from Jopeph Voillot at the restaurant situated directly across the street from the domaine’s cellar in Volnay. It was two years following the harvest and the wine had an intense core of sweet fruit. Curious to see how the wine is evolving, I opened a bottle from my cellar. The nose is beginning to show mature notes, but it is still in an adolescent stage. In the mouth, the sweetness of the fruit is fading and moving towards the sour end of the spectrum. I believe that the wine will evolve into an outstanding wine, but it is currently at an awkward place.



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Medical education is a manifestation of education pertaining to the practice of being a medical practitioner. Initially it is to wind up physician that is internship however one can get further education for example residency and such to turn into an assistant physician.


The soul purpose of education should be the transformation of positive values to the students. It brings emotional and behavioral change in human beings. They learn to adjust themselves according to the environment.

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The Indian Flag is also known as “Tiranga.” It was adopted during the meeting of the Constituent Assembly on the 22nd of July, 1947.

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