In a surprise announcement, the BCQC (Bourgogne Classification & Quality Commission) has announced that the lower portion of the Clos de Vougeot will be reclassified as ‘Vougeot village’. Wines produced from vines in this area will no longer be entitled to Grand Cru status. Soil composition was the primary reason behind the change. “The soil in the lower section of the Clos is not of Grand Cru quality,” stated Francois Ane, the head of the classification committee. “It has been clear for many centuries that the area in question is of average quality.” Mr. Ane said that the commission’s decision to designate the area as basic Vougeot is based on the surrounding terroir. “The vineyards on both sides of this area of the Clos have a similar soil type and they are only classified as village. There is no reason why the lower portion of the Clos should be classified any higher. We spent 10 years researching this issue.” Mr. Ane explained that a fault runs through the lower portion of the Clos and it is at this point that terroir changes dramatically. As expected, many of the growers are not happy. “This a catastrophe!” state Jean-Pierre Moine, whose family owns a parcel in the area being reclassified. “The monks built a wall there for a reason, just like they did at Romanee-Conti! Are we going to start questioning the monks!” The change will take affect for the 2012 vintage.


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This reclassification will bring a lot of positive changes to Clos de Vougeot. I also believe they just made this in a perfect timing since most of the wine lovers are noticing the changes in taste produced by this company. Now that it has been confirmed that the soil composition is the reason for this change, it's time to put the division of the soil and separate the prime class to other classes!


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