Domaine Robert Chevillon, along with Domaine Henri Gouges, is regarded as one of the top two producers in Nuits-Saint-Georges. The wines made by the estate are rich and powerful, the essence of the appellation. As expected, most of the estate’s production is vin rouge, but there is a small amount of Bourgogne Aligote made. I recently spotted a bottle of the 2007 Aligote and opened it with great curiosity. The wine has a delicate bouquet of white flowers and citrus. Medium-bodied and racy, it resembles a Chablis or Sancerre in texture and flavor. However, I was disappointed in the wine. It was a little thin and slightly bland, but to be fair, Nuits-Saint-Georges is not known for its Aligote.



01/28/2010 06:51

Great looking site! Sorry it's just me posting but eventually the world will find you. Great pics, producer profiles, comentary, etc. Bravo to the Schnauzer!

Susan Guerra
02/04/2010 14:59

Hi Kevin. I agree with David! The world will find you.

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04/26/2017 20:33

Boirgogne Aligote is one of the best classic wines I have ever tastes. It is my father who introduced it to me. Thank you for posting the story behind this wine. But I just want to ask. What could be the reason why you were not fully impressed of the wine? I want to know. Perhaps it's because you have a certain taste of wine you really like that this one didn't achieve.


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