Thanksgiving should be declared anational food and wine pairing disaster. I thought about calling FEMA, but that would probably make the situation worse. Many people choose to serve big, tannic wines (i.e. CA cabernets & Bordeaux) which can be transformed into bitter, sour swill by foods such as cranberry sauce. It may not be a perfect match, but gamay based wines are able to wash down such culinary landmines without major difficulty. With that in mind, I would like to officially endorse cru Beaujolais as the perfect wine for this long day of eating. The forward, fruity nature of the gamay grape pairs wonderfully with lean meats such as turkey and also works well with traditional side dishes. The best Beaujolais are serious wines that keep the drinker engaged and eager to consume more. Some people feel that Americans should drink wines that are native to the U.S. on this national holiday. Zinfandel is often cited by the press as the best wine to be served on Thanksgiving. While that maybe patriotic, I like to be awake when the pumpkin pie is served. Then again, if the in-laws are really difficult to deal with, a nice, big 17% Zin might be the perfect choice.



02/19/2017 23:56

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