My wife and I had tickets for Saturday’s matinee performance of La Sonnambula by Bellini, but there was an accident on the George Washington bridge. The two hour backup at the bridge resulted in a surge of traffic at the Lincoln tunnel, which is where we tried to enter the city. I was able to hear the beginning of the opera, but it was from the radio in my car. Once at the Met, we had to sit in the lobby and wait for the intermission. Normally there are two intermissions, the first usually 45-50 minutes into the performance. Not this time. The opera was only in two acts, the first of which lasted 90 minutes. We finally sat in our seats at 3pm, but the second act was very short and the performance was over by 3:50. I guess I will have to consider the $240 I paid for the tickets a donation to the arts.

After a nice walk through Central Park, we arrived at Bar Boulud for our 5:30 reservation. The country may be going through a recession, but there were no signs of it on this night. The restaurant was packed and the wine was flowing. The special pour of the night was Pierre Usseglio, Chateauneuf du Pape, 2003 from magnum for $25 per glass. Every time I looked up it seemed like a sommelier was bringing more magnums up from the cellar. I spotted a 2006 Bourgogne from Roumier on the list and immediately ordered a bottle. Last spring, I drank a bottle of the 2005 version,and it was awesome. This bottling never shows up in retail accounts in our market, and I have only seen it at this restaurant. The wine was beautifully perfumed and silky on the palate. Although not as full-bodied and richly textured as the 2005, the 2006 was juicy and vibrant. This Bourgogne will never receive 100 points from a critic, but it was perfect on my scale. My Lyonnaise salad and roasted steak were both excellent. Bar Boulud is a relatively casual restaurant, but the wine staff is of a three star caliber. While missing most of the opera was a big disappointment, our meal made the trip to New York well worth it.



03/06/2017 22:53

Though we have lots of work, we should take time for our family. When we spend some time with our partners it feels so good. Its nice that you have shared your experiences with everyone. I hope you both had a great time.


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