David Clark has been drawing attention from critics for the fine wines he produces in Morey St.-Denis and his biodynamic approach, but there is also something else that separates this man from his neighbors. David Clarke is an inventor!

A recent entry on his blog (http://domainedavidclark.com/) details a new contraption that Mr. Clarke’s father built from surplus plumping material. The process of de-budding is a real pain in the ass according to Mr. Clarke, but this ‘vineyard buggy’ allows him to cruise for unwanted vine shoots in style. Many of the vineyards farmed by this domaine are at a slight slope, which allow the buggy to glide from vine to vine without much effort from the rider. I would love see the faces of the village’s older vignerons as Mr. Clarke rolls by their vines.



11/11/2015 03:12

It's so cool to be an inventor.


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