I spent Mother’s Day nearly eating myself to death. The first feast started at 2pm with my wife’s family and I promised myself that I would not eat too much. Unfortunately, my brother-in-law is a professional cook and it is nearly impossible to avoid overeating. The good news is that I drank very well all day. The highlight at lunch was a 2004 Chassagne-Montrachet, 1er cru, Morgeot from Domaine Ramonet. I have read many people comment that Ramonet’s wines have a distinct minty quality and sure enough this bottle was dominated by herbaceous notes on the nose and palate. The wine was very elegant and nicely textured, but it did not seem to possess any fruit flavors. I am not sure if I really liked the wine, but I found it interesting.

My stomach was begging for a trip to a vomitoria as our car pulled into my parents’ driveway at 6pm. A light dinner of pate, crab cakes, a triple cream cheese and a mixed berry tart helped to ease my pain. Luckily, my mother felt like drinking a good bottle and we opened up a 2006 Chassagne-Montrachet, 1er cru, Blanchot Dessus from Domaine Jean-Claude Bachelet et Fils in Gamay (Saint Aubin).  My wife and I found this producer while on vacation in Burgundy in 2007 and I had given this bottle to my father for Christmas. The domaine only owns 0.12 hectares in Blanchot Dessus and the vines were planted in 1912. Needless to say, the production is very small. Blanchot Dessus adjoins the southern end of Le Montrachet and the wines from this vineyard tend to be very full-bodied. The old vines used for this cuvee provided the wine with a strong mineral component. Aromatic and intense, this bottle was outstanding, even though it was still very young. After dinner, I went home, sat on the couch and listened to my stomach battle with my day’s intake. Next year, I am going to stick to a liquid diet.



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