Chateau Pradeaux is one of my favorite producers in Bandol, second only to Tempier. After being delayed in France due to the strikes, the newest addition of their rose just hit the shelves . The 2007, Chateau Pradeaux, Bandol, Rose has a beautiful deep rose color, but the nose was muted. The palate revealed a full bodied wine, but it did not exhibit much in the way of flavor. The wine started to open up after an hour or so and red fruits began to emerge. This is one of the few roses that needs some time to open up, and I bet it will be drinking wonderfully next July.



05/19/2016 00:44

If you need to change a goal, then change it, goals should not be cast in stone, but flexible.


Rose wine is one of my best tasted wine. Most of the time i have a bottle of rose wine in my fridge. Hope to taste it soon when i go back to my home.

07/29/2016 00:04

Wines are used as the source of drinks. People might take it for the drinking. Many colorful brands are available. The demand for some special flavor added the sale. The demand for rose color wine is also in the area. People might attract by the red color. It’s tasty in its flavor.

02/02/2017 08:06

Great post thanks for sharing


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