I have tasted several 2008 roses from Bandol and all the wines have been lively and fresh. However, they do not possess, the rich textures and ripe fruit flavors that marked the wines in 2007. While the 2008 Bandol rose from Domaine Tempier was brighter and leaner than the 2007, it showed more fruit after being open for an hour or so. None of the other Bandol rose I tasted developed in this manner and I suppose this is why Tempier is considered to be the best in the region. There are several producers in Bandol whose rose I really enjoy, including Tour du Bon and Pradeaux, but Tempier always stands out. Tempier’s rose is the perfect combination of weight, intensity of fruit, and elegance. The 2007 was perhaps a little more impressive, but the 2008 is an outstanding wine that is typical of the vintage. The one downside of Tempier’s rose is that the wine is expensive ($30-45), but it is also always the best.



02/12/2017 02:18

when it comes to food yes people are very conscious about taste. Nice comparison of 2007 & 2008 bottles. Bandol needs to keep standard taste.

03/26/2017 06:28

i don't like wine.

05/03/2017 05:30

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05/08/2017 05:33

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