I have come to the conclusion that top examples from the premier cru Illes des Verglesses are among the best values in Burgundy. Located in the overlooked town of Pernand Vergelesses, Illes des Vergelesses faces the famous hill of Corton and has an ideal exposure. The vineyard is not a warm climate, but the grapes receive a good amount of sunshine.  In good vintages, the wines from Illes des Vergelesses  can rival those from the lesser Corton grand cru, which is often the case in the cellar of Chandon de Briailles. Winemaker Claude de Nicolay Drouhin feels that her Illes des Vergelesses rivals her Corton Marechaudes in most years and sometimes surpasses it. Clive Coates has written that Illes des Vergelesses deserves consideration for a promotion to grand cru status. With that in mind, I ordered a case of Illes des Vergelesses from Domaine Thenard in Givry, who owns 0.85 hectares in the vineyard. The wine was deep ruby in color and very fragrant.  Bright, sour red fruits rose from the glass. I was surprised by the richness of the wine on the palate. Although this site can produce outstanding wines, they tend to be lighter in body. The wine was also elegant, which is a hallmark of the vineyard. Dark, red cranberry fruit combined with minerals in the mouth and the finish was very long. I love the wines from Volnay, but for half the price you can drink an Illes des Vergelesses that rivals the best from that more famous village.



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This wine is of fine quality and half the price of other wines. I love this wine a lot because it has richness and great smell to it. The wine is elegant with dark, red cranberry fruit combination is the best wine I have ever had till now. I want to thank the wine makers of Illes des vergelesses.

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There is no fault of the company named as Illes des Vergelesses regarding to the bad taste of wine, however that might be possible due to the weather conditions and their effects on grapes.

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