Diebolt-Vallois is the top estate in the village of Cramant, which is one the two finest locations for Chardonnay based wines in the region. Mesnil is more famous, but the best wines from Cramant rival those produced in the former town, with the possible exception of Salon andKrug’s Clos du Mesnil. I find the wines from Cramant to be more delicate than those produced in Mesnil, but they possess the same level of refinement and depth. The 1997 Diebolt-Vallois, a Cramant, Blanc de Blanc is very elegant and obviously well made, but the wine disappeared on the backend. I attribute the short finish of the wine to the difficult conditions of the vintage. Diebolt-Vallois is a top level domaine and I would love to taste this cuvee in a more successful vintage.



05/19/2016 00:46

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The diebolt vallois, a cramant, blanc possible exception possess the same level of refinement and depth. We can get with this burgschnauzer blog about elegant and obviously well disappeared on the backend.


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