We had soft shells once again, but not crabs this time. Twice a year female lobsters shed their shells and begin the process of regrowing a new one. Males do this once a year. Unlike soft shell crabs, the new shell of these lobsters is not edible, but it is easy to break apart with bare hands. No crackers necessary. A really good bottle of Lilbert, Champagne, Cramant, Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs, NV got the evening started with the Olympics on in the background. This is the first time I have tasted a bottle from Lilbert that showed mature flavors. The wine’s texture was creamy and a beautiful note of honey showed through on the palate.

For the main event, I opened a Lamy Pillot, Saint-Aubin, Pucelles, blanc. Pucelles is a lieu-dit near the village of Saint-Aubin. It was shocking how good this bottle was. I first became aware of this small producer based in Chassagne-Montrachet when I read that they bottle a Montrachet. Lamy Pillot barrel ferments all their wines and the Pucelles had a beautiful texture. Considering that this vineyard is not a premier cru, the wine’s richness was surprising. The fruit was slightly tropical, but not over the top. I loved this wine.

Speaking of main events, I had been waiting all evening to see the 4 x 100 mens relay featuring Michael Phelps. At 11pm, an announcement flashed across the screen that the race would begin in 19 minutes. ‘Thank goodness,’ I thought sitting on the couch……………….I woke up to see a volley ball flying across the screen. Half asleep, I stood up and turned the t.v. off. I walked upstairs and looked at the clock in the kitchen. 1:30am “The relay!” At that second I realized that I had fallen asleep and missed the biggest olympic event of the day. “Wait, I have a DVR,” I thought in a moment of hope. Then I remembered that I had turned the t.v. off. The next morning, while making a soy latte, I heard a report on NPR detailing the race. The reporter concluded his segment by saying, “for those in the race and watching, it was an unforgettable olympic moment.” Aarghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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