I attended the Terroir et Signatures de Bourgogne 2009 tasting at the Altman Building in New York and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wines being shown. Usually at trade events like this one, the only producers in attendance are those that are seeking importation and often the quality of their wines can be spotty. I tasted several very good wines at this event, mostly from relatively new estates or those where the younger generation had just taken over. The constantly changing landscape of Burgundy’s producers keeps the region fresh and dynamic. New domaines are always popping up or being reinvented and these factors contribute to my fascination with the region.

While it is not a new estate, the wines from Taupenot-Merme are rarely seen in the U.S. The domaine is based in Morey-Saint-Denis and has the distinction of being one of only two owners (Domaine des Lambrays) of the grand cru Clos des Lambrays. Taupenot-Merme’s wines were impressive, classic in style and very aromatic. Chateau de Melin is a domaine that I was not familiar with, but I found their wines to be delicious. The estate, on which there is a beautiful manor house, is located in Auxey-Duresses just north of La Rochepot. All their wines were well made, but I particularly enjoyed the 2007 blanc and rouge cuvees from the Saint Romain lieu-dit Sous Chateau. Both wines were fresh, vibrant and distinctively mineral. Sous-le-Chateau (the official name of the vineyard) is in a cool climate located near the ruins of the ancient castle that overlooks the modern village. The other producer who stood out was Domaine de la Croix Sanaillet from the town of Davaye in the Maconais. The majority of the estates production is labeled Saint-Veran and they were bright, crisp wines that showed a good intensity of fruit. As expected, the wines were simple, but refreshing. Overall, the tasting was a pleasant surprise and a good excuse to drink some Burgundy.


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