Someone recently mentioned to me that Becky Wasserman was going to be hosting a Burgundy event at the Mets ballpark in Queens, but I assumed that it was going feature a pedestrian line-up. After looking at the wines on the Zachys website (see below), I am tempted to buy a ticket and drive to Queens. The highlights include a Joseph Drouhin, Chambolle-Musigny, 1er cru, Les Amoureuses, 2002 and a Comte Georges de Vogue, Musigny, VV, 2001 from magnum. Tickets ordered by May 1st are only $75 and $100 thereafter.




07/20/2016 08:19

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11/13/2016 19:04

This must be a great event! I mean baseball and wine?? What can go wrong with that?? Visit us at delogie.nl/wijnproeverijen/ to shop for a great wines. Thank you.


Well well well, this certainly have my attention and I need to get ticket as well. Can't miss this event and write review of it at my blogs for my readers as they always look for reviews of such events from me. Thank you for sharing the information with us

08/04/2017 22:52

This is a very interesting event! You can enjoy tasting different kinds of wine as well as watching the baseball game. I think you should get a ticket and have some fun. I am sure you will not gonna regret it. Just think about it because everyone deserves to be happy once in a while.


Thanks a lot for one’s intriguing write-up.


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