Martin and Pierre-Marie Chermette
After my monthly sales meeting in NYC, I headed downtown to the City Winery for a walk around tasting of some top Beaujolais. The trade organization Expressions d’Origine coordinated the event in an attempt to promote the Beaujolais region. Several top producers were pouring their wines, including Marcel Lapiere, Michel Chignard, Cluade Geoffray of Chateau Thivin, Jean Foillard and Guillaume de Castelnau of Jadot’s Chateau des Jacques. Most of the samples were from the 2007 vintage, which has produced soft, elegant wines that I thoroughly enjoy. The most interesting table was Chateau des Jacques. I have seen the wines from this estate in the market, but I never bought one due to their high cost ($30-45). The Jacques wines were much darker than the others in the room, but they were not overly extracted or coarse.  Although full-bodied and structured, the wines retained ripe gamey flavors.

My employer represents Domaine du Vissoux in the New York/New Jersey market and I had the pleasure to visit the estate in 2005. Pierre-Marie Chermette and wife Martine run the domaine and produce ripe, vibrant wines that are amongst the very best in the region. The Vissoux table was the only one pouring 2008’s and I was excited to get a glimpse of the vintage. Although many winemakers have described the vintage as being difficult, Vissoux’s 2008’s were excellent. The wines were medium-bodied and showed nice, ripe gamey flavors. As a side note, I find it interesting how wines often reflect the personality of the winemaker. Guillaume de Castelnau was very serious and so were his wines. Pierre-Marie and Martin Chermette on the other hand, are two of the most pleasant and warm people I have met. Their wines are full of ripe, juicy fruit flavors that make you want to sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.



It looks that you people had fun out there and wine also looks good. Will be giving it try next time when I visit New York City

04/06/2017 12:00

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