The Olympics kicked into full swing last night and I looked forward to watching the great Michael Phelps dominate the competition. I felt like drinking a wine that could match the level of excellence on display, but it was too warm outside to drink a big red. A bottle of Domaine Tempier, Bandol, rose, 2007 that I opened last weekend was corked and I thought this might be the perfect moment to give this legendary wine a second shot. The wine had a typical pale rose color. On the palate, it was rich and full of creamy red fruits, yet not heavy. Many rose are big and alcoholic, while others are delicate and light. Tempier’s rose strikes a perfect balance between the two styles. Despite being full-bodied, this wine did not show any alcohol and retained a refreshing feel. Every year I drink a bottle of Tempier and it routinely proves to be my favorite rose of the season. I was able to find a bottle for $32.99, but the full mark-up on the 2007 is $41.99. That is a lot to pay for a wine with a pink appearance, but this wine may well be worth it. Once again Domaine Tempier has bottled a Bandol rose that is close to perfection.



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