I spent a few hours Sunday afternoon pouring wine at tasting being held at a high end restaurant. My brother-in-law is a professional cook and he decided to bring some food over for my wife, who was at home watching our ten month old daughter. The NJ Turnpike is not known for its scenic qualities, and I had a tough time staying awake as I drove home. I was looking forward to making a rich espresso when I finally walked in the door, but sometimes life presents you with nice surprises. My brother-in-law went into his wine bag and grabbed a 2004 Chandon de Briailles, Corton, Le Charlemagne. My craving for an espresso was quickly forgotten. The Le Charlemagne was golden in color and showed nice richness, but it was little flat. I have had the opportunity to taste this 2004 vintage in the past and I was expecting the wine to have a racier profile. The bottle had been stored in my brother-in-law’s basement, which is cool, but not temperature controlled. Perhaps the storage conditions contributed to the wines dull showing. The wine was very good, but it not as good as expected. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind sitting around every Sunday drinking Le Charlemagne.



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