Domaine Jean-Claude Bachelet has recently had a change in leadership. The brothers Jean-Baptiste and Benoit, both in their mid-twenties, took over from their father (Jean-Claude) and made several adjustments to improve the quality of the domaine’s wines. A complete report on the estate can found on the Domaine Profile page. Charmois borders the Chassagne premier cru Les Chaumees and is a fairly flat vineyard. The Jean-Claude Bachelet, Saint-Aubin, 1er Cru, Charmois, 2006 is an elegant wine with a soft, rich texture and ripe fruit flavors. These are characteristics  that I have found in many white wines from 2006. Bachelet’s  Charmois is very well made, but I would prefer more minerality. Jean-Baptiste and Benoit made other cuvees in 2006 that had more definition on the palate, but they all came from sites located up on the slope above Gamay. It appears the hillside vineyards had the advantage in this warm year.

La Boudriotte is a premier cru lieu-dit in Chassagne-Montrachet that can be labeled as Morgeot, but several producers, including Jean-Claude Bachelet, chose to label it by its actual name. As expected, the 2006 Bachelet bottling from this site is richer and more concentrated than the Saint-Aubin. There is also a stronger presence of minerals on the palate. Both wines are fine examples of their terroir and as should be the case, you get what you pay for.


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