My fifth anniversary with David Bowler Wine is this week and David decided to celebrate the occasion with a lunch at Jean Georges. I had never been to Jean Georges, but it is has been on my list of must-go-to spots for a long time. The restaurant is one of the best places in NYC for lunch thanks to the well lighted main dining room and a $28 two course prefix. David started with a delicious sweet pea soup that was poured overtop a parmesan foam. I always feel as though waiters look down on me when I order foie gras, which they seem to view as a boring selection. Foie gras may not be considered adventurous these days, but I love this rich treat. It is rare that I get to eat in a top level restaurant and foie gras never tastes as good at home. It is no surprise, then, that I ordered the foie gras brulee with pineapple-meyer lemon jam. The foie gras was coated in a delicate, melted crust and rested on a small piece of toasted bread. I spread a little jam on top of the crust just before popping it into my mouth and loved every bite. The entrees were also very good. David ordered the Halibut with Honshimeji mushrooms and lemongrass consommé, which he said was excellent. My roasted veal with quince-pineapple compote and Roquefort was perfectly cooked. The flavors of each dish were very clean and precise.

The wine list at Jean Georges is heavily slanted towards Burgundy and very expensive. We considered a bottle of Vincent Dauvisat, Chablis, Les Clos, 1997, but our desire to drink a wine with significant bottle age led us to order a 1976 Taupenot-Merme, Chambolle-Musingy ($250). The bottle appeared to be in excellent condition and the cork was firm. As expected, the wine was light ruby with a brick colored rim. The nose was mature, but mild. Leather and caramel flavors dominated the palate. 1976 was a very hot year and some sweet fruit was still noticeable. This wine was by no means profound, but it was a very nice, mature Burgundy. The entire meal was a great experience and I would not hesitate to return for a leisurely lunch. 


I had heard a lot about the Jean Georges restaurant and many of my friends are appreciating their place, food and everything. Congratulations for your anniversary and hope your life have many good experiences ahead. Its was nice reading your experiences and keep sharing.


congratulations for your anniversary,nice reading your experience in Jean Georges. i also heard alot about this restaurant, its delicious food and relaxing atmosphere.

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