1994 was one the last vintages of Chateau Rayas made by Jacques Reynaud, who died in 1997. Collectors largely ignore the 1994 Rayas in favor of the more celebrated 1995, but the wine is a beautiful example of the estate. More elegant and refined than is typical for the wines of the appellation, the wines from Rayas are often said to be Burgundian in style. The 1994 has a strong perfume that is mature and complex. Produced in a lighter vintage, the wine is medium-bodied on the palate. The flavors are sweet and concentrated, but not as intense as the Rayas wines from great vintages. Rayas was, and perhaps still is, one of the great estates in France. The domaine produces a wine that is not only a benchmark for it's appellation, but is also singular in style. Nothing else in the world tastes like Chateau Rayas and, perhaps, that is the truest sign of greatness.