My wife and I ate dinner at 1789, a well known landmark restaurant in Washington D.C. The food was excellent and the overall service solid. However, the wine list was heavily tilted towards American wines and Burgundies were in short supply. That left us with few options and we ended paying a hefty price for the wines. We started with a 2005 Marsannay from René Bouvier. The wine is labeled “Le Clos,” which is a vineyard located in Couchey. Just south of Marsannay, the town of Couchey is not entitled to an appellation and the vineyards within its limits are labeled as Marsannay. The wine is rich and well balanced. The fruit has receded to the background and mature notes are just starting to show through. After much debate, we settled on a 2004 Clos des Lambrays from the Domaine des Lambrays. I had tasted the wine in the past and felt confident it would be a good bottle. Initially restrained, the wine put on weight in the glass and the aromas intensified. The wine does not have any of the green aromas or flavors that are often found in wines from this vintage. Orange rind and red fruits dominate the nose and palate. Clos des Lambrays never produces the most powerful wine, but the best vintages are supple, elegant and very complex. The 2004 is not on the level of such vintages as 2002, 2005, or 2006, but it is a very good wine that accurately represents the vineyard. For more information on the Clos des Lambrays check out my profile.